Using sentiment analysis and converting feeds into cases

NABD uses sentiment analysis to extract important information from what your customers send to you via Twitter, Facebook, and email. Then you can designate how you want NABD to organize that information.

NABD's sentiment analysis can determine negative, neutral/unknown, and positive comments. You can tell NABD how to organize each as a complaint, proposal, inquiry, or application.

To use sentiment analysis:

  1. From the main left menu, select Channels.

  2. From the Channels menu, select Channels feeds review.

  3. On the Channel Feeds Review page, click the Run Sentiment Analysis button.

  4. On the Results page, select how NABD should organize the information for negative, neutral/unknown, and positive information. Use the drop down and select complaint, proposal, inquiry, or application.

  5. On the Review page, look through the sentiment analysis results. Check the box for the results that are valid service requests and should be processed as cases. Then click Approve. For any feeds that are not valid and should be dropped, select them and click Purge.

    The Type column indicates the type of feed – positive, neutral, or negative. The Score column provides you with information for negative feeds.

    The approved feeds go to your User Dashboard (and no longer appear on the Results page).


Converting channel feeds into cases

Once you approve a channel feed, NABD automatically converts the feed into a case and (depending on the routing) this case appears on your User Dashboard. The case's status is "opened for the first time" and its current activity is assessment. The case is ready for you to begin work.